SpecDataset.to_funwave(filename, clip=True)#

Write spectra in Funwave format.

  • filename (str): Name for output Funwave file.

  • clip (bool): Clip directions outside [-90, 90] range in cartesian convention.

  • Format description: https://fengyanshi.github.io/build/html/wavemaker_para.html.

  • Directions converted from wavespectra (0N, CW, from) to Cartesian (0E, CCW, to).

  • Funwave only seems to deal with directions in the [-90, 90] range in cartesian convention, use clip=True to clip spectra outside that range.

  • Both 2D E(f,d) and 1d E(f) spectra are supported.

  • If the SpecArray has more than one spectrum, multiple files are created in a zip archive defined by replacing the extension of filename by “.zip”.